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Philip French's DVD club The Hustler. DVD club: Rober Rossen's penultimate movie is his greatest; a stylised fable about loyalty and betrayal. As The Hustler's "Fast" Eddie Felson, Paul Newman created a classic The movie follows Eddie from his match against billiards champ. This week marks the 50th anniversary of 'The Hustler,' the landmark drama that cemented It was a movie that sparked a real-life pool craze a.

The Hustler is a lot more than a movie about a game called pool. It's a film about life that uses pool as a back drop to teach the lessons expertly captured within. Feb 6, 2015Shooting in the Ames Billiard Academy on Times Square, Minnesota Fats (Jackie Gleason) has. The Hustler begins with a great hustle. Eddie Felson, brilliantly played by a young and gorgeous Paul Newman, leans low over a barroom pool.

Fast Eddie Felson is one of them. The pool shark played by Paul Newman in "The Hustler" (1961) is indelible--given weight because the film is not about his victory in the final pool game, but about his defeat by pool, by life, and by his lack of character. DAD always said stay out of poolrooms, and obviously he was right, to judge by what one sees in "The Hustler," which came to the Paramount and the.

Read the Empire review of The Hustler. Find out everything you need to know about the film from the world's biggest movie destination. There are some who wrongfully assume that The Hustler is about pool halls, but this movie is no more about pool than Martin Scorsese's Raging Bull is about.

Page 2's Jeff Merron chalks his cue and racks up 'The Hustler' DVD to see just how real this classic pool movie is. Paul Newman reprised his role as Fast Eddie Felson in the 1986 film The Color of Money, for which he won the Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role.

A number of observers and critics have suggested that this Oscar was in belated recognition for his performance in The Hustler. The Hustler is a 1961 film directed by Robert Rossen, adapted from the novel The movie was nominated for nine Academy Award nominations, but only won.

The Hustler (1961) Filming Locations, Paul Newman, Jackie Gleason, George C. Scott, Piper Laurie, Murray Hamilton.

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